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The Type Of House You Should Never Buy.

The Type Of House You Should Never Buy
The massive, gaudy houses lining the streets of America’s upscale suburbs began to look like the epitome of bad taste and poor judgement once the foreclosure crisis hit. The writer behind the blog “McMansion Hell” tells why they’ll eventually be gone for good.   Kate Wagner, a 22-year-old getting her master’s degree in architectural acoustics at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, has been researching consumer trends in architecture since she was in high school. Her background knowledge has given her ammunition for “McMansion Hell,” which she started writing this summer. At first, she wrote for a few friends to let off steam about the houses she despises, but the blog quickly gained followers.    “There’s litera...
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Sellers: Give Buyers What They Want.

Sellers: Give Buyers What They Want
You have more control over how long your home stays on the market than you think. Every seller hopes their home will sell quickly, and for a good price. So it can be frustrating when your home doesn’t sell, while the house down the street gets snapped up. The homes are in the same location, with similar square footage, and the same number of bedrooms and bathrooms, so they should sell for the same price and in the same amount of time. Right? If you’re in this situation, you may be quick to blame your agent, the lack of advertising, the photographs, or the listing description. But the real problem could lie in how you’ve presented your home on the market. To understand the seller experience, let’s look at two different approaches to listing a home. The story of the home that didn’t sell Maybe you think you can sell your home without updating it first. Many sellers start out with this perspective, and fin...
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